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Kai Sugar and Salt Body Polish
55-60 minutes  $90

This unique body treatment incorporates one of today’s most iconic, sought after fragrances in a powerfully exfoliating scrub. Kai’s unique blend of sugar and salt removes dead skin cells, stimulates circulation and hydrates skin leaving it soft and supple. You will be unable to resist the intoxicating fragrance of gardenia, wrapped in white exotics. With the full line of Kai available for purchase, you can take a little piece of paradise with you. You will want to remember this lovely service.

Malie Kauai Clay Wrap
75 minutes  $150

Experience Kauai from its roots with intoxicating indigenous ingredients including Kauai Clay, noni, kava, aeapuhi ginger, organic aloe and bentonite clay. This extraordinary ritual detoxifies and purifies the skin from free radicals and stress This treatment includes dry brushing from head to toe. An application of aromatic clay and Koke cream mixture is applied to the body. Detoxification takes place when you are wrapped cocoon style. Enjoy a head or foot massage while detoxing, shower and a light application of Koke body cream to the entire body. Your skin will feel silky soft and hydrated.

Organic Coconut Oil Hair & Scalp Ritual
45 minutes  $60
Hair & Scalp Repair. This ritual combines organic coconut, kukui nut, apricot, and grape seed oil, infused with the essential oil of vanilla. Indulge your senses when this warm oil is massaged into your scalp and hair. While your head is wrapped in a warm towel enjoy a hand and foot massage. Shower in our 13 jet chakra shower and rinse with coconut shampoo and conditioner. This ritual not only leaves hair stronger and more lustrous, it helps counter hair loss, dandruff and breakage. Feel relaxed, smell yummy, look fabulous!

Add to any spa treatment   $40

Body Rituals
60-75 minutes  $145
Our Beauty Rituals feature Malie Organics. The products are made from rare indigenous ingredients from Hawaii, and are wild crafted and certified organic. The aromas literally transport you to an exotic place. Dry, dull skin is gently removed with organic sugar or salt leaving your skin both smooth and revitalized. After rinsing in our 12 jet chakra shower, you will experience a 45 minute massage with organic body cream that smells as good as you feel. Truly an experience you will not soon forget. Take a piece of paradise with you by purchasing the products used in your service.
Choose from the following:

Organic Rescue Ritual – Koke’e
The Koke’e aroma is named in honor of Hawaii’s oldest rain forest and captures the crisp green, refreshing scent of the native Malie vine. Lush. Green. Vibrant with life! This exotic aroma is very unique yet diverse enough for both men and women.

Organic Renew Ritual – Coconut Vanilla
The sweet nourishing coconut bears the tropical secret of soft, radiant skin and hair that have been used for thousands of years. Coconut protects and moisturizes with its lush, fragrant oils and aids in healing skin for a healthier youthful appearance. The delicious blend of coconut and vanilla is irresistible.

Beautify – Plumeria
The beautiful sweet, fragrant plumeria (frangipani), is treasured for its stunning rainbow colors and exotic, uplifting aroma. This soft, sensual scent is varied and complex, hinting of jasmine, citrus, gardenia and spices.