Spa Aria Massage
Spa Aria Services



90 minutes  $150
75 minutes  $130
60 minutes  $110
30 min Back & Neck/ 30 min of Foot Therapy $110
45 minutes Extended Back & Neck  $80
30 minutes Back & Neck  $60
30 minutes Scalp, Face Lymph Drainage  $60
30 minutes Foot Therapy $60
***upgrade Deep to any massage is $15

***60 minutes Prenatal Massages performed after 1st trimester. Please notate on appointment request form if this is required.

A time honored favorite. Swedish technique combined with pressure point work help ease fatigue and invigorate the body. Allow us to customize a massage that will fit your needs, budget and time frame. All massages enhanced with aromatherapy essential oils.

90 minutes Massage $340
75 minutes Massage $320
60 minutes Massage $280
***Upgrades to Deep tissue is $15 per person

Performed side-by-side. Includes champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.

Foot Therapy
60 min Organic Ancient Hair Ritual & Foot Therapy $135
30 minutes Feet Only $60

The therapeutic benefits of foot massage reach far beyond your feet. Massaging the feet can help with joint pain and aid recovery after an injury, as well as reduce muscle soreness. Combined with our exquisite Hair Ritual this treatment is the best of all worlds!

Cold & Sinus Treatment
60 minutes $130

If allergies or sinus troubles are bringing you down, this treatment could benefit you. Using decongesting, detoxifying essential oils combined with the powerful effects of lymphatic massage, this treatment can provide relief from sinus congestion, headache, and fatigue. Purchase some Dr. Singha’s mustard bath, cold and sinus bath salts, roll-on sinus clearing essential oils, Olbas herbal lozenges or herbal inhalers after your treatment to help speed recovery time, and get you back on your feet.

*Treatment not recommended if you have a fever of 100+degrees.


$35     Papaya Puree Back Scrub
$25     Arnica Joint & Muscle Cream
$25     Hot Stone
$25     15 minute Chakra Shower
$20     Paraffin Feet
$15     Cold Stone Face Massage

Please inquire about seasonal upgrades.