Sandy Blum



The Yang: Sandy Blum, Co-Owner

Sandy was born on Mardi Gras day and is a true native of New Orleans. “Born and raised in New Orleans gives you a unique perspective on life, and huge passion for it.” Growing up with gregarious parents and siblings gave Sandy the ability to meet and speak to people from all walks of life, with ease. Personally, it gave her the confidence she needed to be a single parent, and professionally, proved to be a great training ground for her and her future in the spa industry. Her adventurous career started 12 years ago when she found refuge in her favorite spa and store.

“I was immediately drawn to the serenity of the place”. Sandy says. It is there where she met her now business partner. “We knew instantly that we would be business soul mates.” She joined the team, and within 2 years was the manager of the flagship spa of the company, and the rest is history.

Sandy handles all the service end of the business. Her innate ability in choosing the best service providers has helped create one of the best spa environments in the city. Her no nonsense approach to service and her intuition has made her division of the business a huge success, and her grass roots approach to an ever changing spa industry makes even more sense.

To Sandy within simplicity, comes beauty and only human touch can heal the soul, and provide that inner glow we all seek. Sandy also possesses the ability to market the spa through unique creativity, and her love of people. Her personal mission is “to inspire”, and her love of the city has enabled her to volunteer for post- Hurricane Katrina efforts to bring the small business owner back to New Orleans.

In 2008 she organized the 1st annual Peace Walk in New Orleans in honor of International Peace Day. Our mission is to create mindfulness in every aspect of our lives, and in turn we are personally at Peace. This is really where peace begins, with each and every one of us, This is an annual event that takes place around the world on September 21. Give Peace a Chance.