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Kai Sugar and Salt Body Polish
60 minutes  $100

This unique body treatment incorporates one of today’s most iconic, sought after fragrances in a powerfully exfoliating scrub. Kai’s unique blend of sugar and salt removes dead skin cells, stimulates circulation and hydrates skin leaving it soft and supple. You will be unable to resist the intoxicating fragrance of gardenia, wrapped in white exotics. With the full line of Kai available for purchase, you can take a little piece of paradise with you. You will want to remember this lovely service.

Detox Clay Wrap
60 minutes  $145
To reduce fluid retention, invigorate circulation and shift toxins we apply purifying Kaolin Clay infused with Rosemary, Grapefruit and Juniper Berry before cocooning you in a thermal blanket to encourage perspiration. After showering, we will smother you in a Guarana and Green Tea-rich circulation boosting serum leaving you feeling warm, purified and revived. Perfect after a long-haul flight.


New Body Rituals Coming Soon!