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Our Spa Aria Body Rituals proudly feature the products of Cinq Mondes.
Organic, naturally powerful ingredients from around the globe will be delivered to the skin in mindful practices steeped in the ancient traditions of cultures world wide. They are meant not only to address the skin’s needs, but to provide also a deep relaxation throughout the entire body. We look forward to being your guides. Come take the journey!

Moroccan Detox Journey
75 minutes  $165
Combined with the exfoliating action of the Kassa Glove, this time-honored recipe deeply purifies the skin to leave it feeling soft, satiny and delicately scented. After the scrub, become transported to the magical world of Moroccan tradition as you are enveloped in North African Rhassoul clay known for it’s detoxifying properties. Your skin will feel toned and silky. The Kassa Glove is yours to keep, and the Beldi Black Soap is available for purchase so that you may re-create this exotic experience at home.

North African Aromatic Ritual
2 hours 15 minutes  $275
This ritual includes all of the experiences of the Moroccan Journey with the addition of a 60 minute relaxing North African Massage* using cure-all organic argan oil and orange blossom rain mist. The expert hands of the massage practitioner envelope you with slow, deep movements to promote a state of pure wellness. Perfect after a long-haul flight, or anytime life stressors take the pep out of your step.

*North African Massage coming December 2019. A 60 minute Swedish massage will be offered with this Ritual.

Exotic Rituals Of The World A La Carte Scrubs
45 Minutes  $110
Choose one to add to another treatment or select as a stand alone service.

Thai Papaya Puree Scrub
A body polishing technique used in a ritual from Siam with creamy, finely ground “papaya puree”. Gentle exfoliation leaves skin supremely radiant. Great for pre or post tanning, or anytime your skin needs a refreshed, polished glow.

Polynesian Smoothing, Sublime Sugar Scrub
Perfectly suited for the most sensitive or dry, dehydrated skin, this Polynesian islands inspired scrub made from coconut oil infused with Tahitian gardenias, raw sugar and ground coconut powder will regenerate skin and awaken the spirit.

Indonesian Energizing, Aromatic Muscle Soothing Salt Scrub
Enjoy a wonderful moment of wellbeing with this ancestral ritual inspired by beauty recipes and treatments from the island of Java. This energizing recipe featuring zesty, aromatic spices and sea salts is a warming antidote for overworked muscles and inflammation. In addition, it leaves you energized and refreshed and your skin satiny smooth.

Moroccan Purifying Cleanse and Kassa Glove Exfoliation
A full body cleanse using purifying Beldi Black soap containing 100% virgin olive oil, vitamin E, Cedar and Eucalyptus essential oils and cinnamon, is melded with the exfoliating action of the finely textured, plant derived Kassa Glove to produce a healthy glow and soft, deliciously scented skin. The Kassa Glove is your to keep for at home use.

Organic Ancient Hair Ritual
45 Minutes  $75

Treat your hair to this purifying, nurturing treatment that begins with the power of sacred oils massaged into the scalp to hydrate and balance, followed by the gentle application of an Ayurvedic plant infused repairing hair mask that contains 99% natural ingredients. This mask combines nutritional richness of Amaranth Oil with protective properties of Amla to restore hair’s original beauty. It’s exemplary silicone-free and paraben free composition respects the integrity of both hair and scalp. Finally, shampoo your newly nourished hair with this green and clean formula that contains no sulfites. This remarkable treatment cream shampoo steeps the hair in a nutritious solution to help restore it’s vital force naturally. Available for purchase after your service, these products will continue to fuel your hair with nutrients to support hair growth.